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Hi, welcome to wikipedia.

I notice on the Edward VIII of the United Kingdom page and on some others you have lowercased peerage and royal titles. Please stop doing that. Wikipedia policy is not to lowercase titles. So your changing of the Duchess to duchess, Prince of Wales to prince of Wales etc. in that article is incorrect. In fact the heir to the throne's title is never written in lowercase, always as Prince of Wales. The problem is that where people make a lot of lowercasings of titles people tend to respond by reverting to the last version with the correct titles, which may mean that all other edits done by you and everyone else between the correct one and the point where the error is spotted, may get wiped out as the page ends up turned back to the last correct spelling and capitalisation version. The wiki policy on royal titles and capitalisation can be found in Wikipedia:Naming conventions (names and titles)

The best of luck on wiki. I hope you enjoy the place. FearÉIREANN 02:37, 29 Jul 2003 (UTC)


Unfortunately, in my view, the Wikipedia convention regarding the capitalisation of titles makes no journalistic sense, though I will do my best to adhere to such a policy.

Example: It should be the duchess of Windsor, when using the article "the", or the duchess, upon second reference to the woman in question, no capitalization ... this is conventional journalistic practice per the reference book Words into Type. However, when writing "Upon her marriage, she became Duchess of Windsor," without the article "the," the D would be capitalized, again per Words into Type.

Perhaps it might be easier if the Wikipedia convention would be to capitalize upon first usage, for linking purposes throughout the system, and then follow the commonly accepted journalistic convention regarding "the."

Otherwise, one is left with such hypothetically possible and amazingly inelegant, hyper-capitalized sentence structures as: "Then King Justinian and Queen Flamboyance joined the Princesses Ella, Bella, and Stella in the White Drawing Room of the Royal Palace, where they took tea with Baron Smith, Viscount Jones, the Marquess of Hoo-Haw, and the Duchess of Brighton."

Let me know what you think.