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Family blessing Oh young lives, granted from heaven to us parents and who painfully suffer with us and because of us, the discovery of spiritual maturity! The difficult upbringing that we’re being through, has been and will forever be inexcusable in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world. It is so, that we may all be trained in God’s power to forgive and to free us from what He forgives, as we learn to pray, to praise, to be thankful and to rejoice no matter what, in the blossom against and because of all odds. May we each live on by ongrowingly knowing God’s Fatherhood to us, where we each seek Him from, to where He seeks to be hosted within and amongst all of His own, in the quietning stillness of His Holiness to adore Him from! Dear spouse and children, the present of our lives comes to us from a specific dictation, grooved in the people of our past, and scripted in a future of the Life, as we radiate the spiritual-organic journey of the…

                   …Spheric Knighthood   
                  Humanity’s Round Table	

In British terms, the knights represent the noblest of chivalry. They are the ones who are sovereignly appointed to serve and to protect with all the passion of their personal devotion to God and king or queen as the case may be. Since Camelot, the British monarchy and the knights of the round table have been adapting to the deeper calling of justice and of peace, while chivalry went on a quest of its own, looking for new ground to grow roots with. It reached beyond the realm of the Empire, and has now covered the whole sphere of the Earth. Having been forced to survive the underground rule, chivalry is sprouting back from upon the Land of Emmanuel, with knights who are equipped to serve and to protect the universal completion of personal and mutual community care. The round table we work from, is to inspire and to ease in the consensus of living freely with and for all who choose to host chivalry’s sprouting Royalty. The torch of Faith we carry is ignited to radiate the peace caused from the Solemn beauty of Being human who answers the ancient voice of humanity’s youth in the fluid adaptation of common sense in Christ-Jesus by His Spirit in the Glory of our Father in heaven...amen! Benctr