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1. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that Indians were the first inhabitants of this country called Canada. Through the continuing process of assimilation, and new age agreements we are now called First Nations. It would be appropriate to read a First Nations Creation Story and this is with regards to the proposed story of the Bering Strait. I could give you a resource title to review.

2. We briefly reviewed your scientific pages, and are very impressed with the research undertaken. It really helps making connections and understanding separations.

3. For native people, science was never part of their culture. Although, today its there. Native people had their own creation stories, philosophies, religion,music, art,language, education, justice, health, family theories, family practices, - but they were never separated nor divided. They were all connected, because each aspect affected another aspect. If your sick - then everything around you is sick. That sort of a concept.

4. Due to colonization, all reserves are experiencing the effects of this disease namely "colonization." This disease is creating a genocidal crisis, but we are still here. But, really we are not because a lot of the tribes Chiefs and councils have misused concepts such as traditional and or conventional. All for money, power, prestige, status, blaa, blaa, blaa. I guess you can say it's like the garden of eden. When eve its the forbidden fruit - which is the apple. Many of our leaders are men eating the forbidden apple - meaning they have become apples. Red on the outside, white on the inside. Dam apple.