List of New Jersey railroad junctions

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This is a List of New Jersey railroad junctions, present and past.

Junction Systems Lines Location Current status
Alloway Junction P-RSL, WJ&S Salem Branch/Quinton Branch Alloway
39°34′48″N 75°22′24″W / 39.580092°N 75.373231°W / 39.580092; -75.373231 (Alloway Junction)
Quinton Branch is abandoned
Andover Junction DL&W,
DL&W Sussex Branch/LHR main Andover
40°59′50″N 74°44′45″W / 40.997157°N 74.745705°W / 40.997157; -74.745705 (Andover Junction)
All lines now abandoned, DLW Sussex Branch abandoned September 30, 1966, trackage removed 1967-1977, LHR Mainline abandoned 1985, trackage removed 1989
Anglesea Junction PRR, WJ&SS, P-RSL WJ&SS Cape May Branch Burleigh
39°03′02″N 74°51′25″W / 39.050571°N 74.856970°W / 39.050571; -74.856970 (Anglesea Junction)
Atsion Junction CNJ CNJ Southern Div. Atsion
39°44′14″N 74°43′33″W / 39.737229°N 74.725701°W / 39.737229; -74.725701 (Atsion Junction)
Branch to Atco abandoned
Baker Junction NJT, EL, DL&W Morristown and Erie Main Morristown
40°47′57″N 74°28′32″W / 40.799299°N 74.475425°W / 40.799299; -74.475425 (Baker Junction)
Junction in Morristown, New Jersey between New Jersey Transit's Morris and Essex line and the Morristown and Erie (M&E) main line. It has been fully operational for over 100 years and currently remains in service to provide connections for the shortline M&E to the national rail network.
Barnegat City Junction TRR, PRR Long Beach Railroad Ship Bottom
39°39′00″N 74°10′32″W / 39.649896°N 74.175466°W / 39.649896; -74.175466 (Barnegat City Junction)
All abandoned
Bay Head Junction CNJ, PRR, NJT New York and Long Branch Railroad/North Jersey Coast Line, Long Branch and Barnegat Bay Railroad Bay Head
40°04′36″N 74°02′46″W / 40.076805°N 74.046113°W / 40.076805; -74.046113 (Bay Head Junction)
PRR abandoned Bay Head Jct.-Toms River portion of its Camden-Toms River-Bay Head Jct. Line in 1946 after the bridge over Barnaget Bay burned.
Bergen Junction ERIE, DLW, EL, NJT DLW Boonton Branch (NJT Main Line), Erie Main Line (NJT Bergen County Line) Jersey City
40°45′06″N 74°04′12″W / 40.751708°N 74.069886°W / 40.751708; -74.069886 (Bergen Junction)
Junction no longer exists. Was created to shift Erie's Main Line operations from Pavonia Terminal to Lackawanna Terminal. Was removed with creation of Secaucus Junction, which shifted NJT Bergen County Line junction with NJT Main Line north.
Bound Brook Junction LV, CNJ, RDG Junction of former Lehigh Valley Railroad, Central Railroad of New Jersey main lines and Reading Railroad Port Reading Branch Bound Brook
40°33′38″N 74°31′52″W / 40.560536°N 74.531243°W / 40.560536; -74.531243 (Bound Brook Junction)
A junction still exists, but is rarely used since the lines now serve passenger and freight traffic separately. The original Bound Brook Jct (where the Reading line to Philadelphia met the CNJ main line 1.6 miles west of Bound Brook station) was removed by Conrail years ago. The former LV main line is now operated by Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern and used for long distance and local freight services. The former CNJ main line is now NJ Transit's Raritan passenger line. A branch line called the Port Reading Secondary, formerly called the Port Reading Railroad (RDG), originates at Bound Brook Junction and crosses northern Middlesex County to connect with the Chemical Coast line in Eastern Middlesex County. The Port Reading Secondary has been refurbished and upgraded by its new owner CSX as a second route to Oak Island Terminal in Newark, NJ (via the Chemical Coast Line) and other points on the CSX system. The line now handles much more freight traffic than it handled in the later 20th Century under Conrail, including long haul double-stack container freight traffic.
Bowentown Junction
Branchville Junction DLW Sussex Branch Lafayette
41°04′56″N 74°42′03″W / 41.082298°N 74.700877°W / 41.082298; -74.700877 (Branchville Junction)
Abandoned 1934, removed 1938
Bridgeton Junction P-RSL, CNJ CNJ Southern Div./PRSL(WJ&SS)Bridgeton Branch Bridgeton
39°27′10″N 75°12′47″W / 39.452755°N 75.213069°W / 39.452755; -75.213069 (Bridgeton Junction)
PRSL Bridgeton Branch is abandoned to north
Brigantine Junction ACRR, RDG, P-RSL ACRR Main Line, Brigantine Branch Pomona
39°28′23″N 74°35′27″W / 39.472974°N 74.590859°W / 39.472974; -74.590859 (Brigantine Junction)
All abandoned
Brills Junction CNJ Newark and New York Railroad Newark
40°43′34″N 74°08′12″W / 40.726072°N 74.136754°W / 40.726072; -74.136754 (Brills Junction)
Newark to Jersey City line abandoned
Brown's Mills Junction PRR Philadelphia and Long Branch Railroad, Brown's Mills Branch Browns Mills
39°56′58″N 74°35′49″W / 39.949400°N 74.596982°W / 39.949400; -74.596982 (Brown's Mills Junction)
Burlington Junction
Caldwell Junction NYGL, ERIE, EL NYGL, Caldwell Branch Little Falls
40°52′21″N 74°12′39″W / 40.872475°N 74.210872°W / 40.872475; -74.210872 (Caldwell Junction)
Caldwell Branch abandoned. NYGL line now NJT Montclair-Boonton Line, Caldwell Branch now West Essex Trail.
Carteret Junction
Chester Junction DLW, CNJ DLW Chester Branch, CNJ High Bridge Branch Chester
40°47′20″N 74°43′05″W / 40.788867°N 74.718180°W / 40.788867; -74.718180 (Chester Junction)
Abandoned, now a rail-trail
Columbia Junction (Delaware Junction) BRW, NYSW Blairstown Railway/NYSW former Mainline and Delaware Branch Columbia
40°56′01″N 75°04′25″W / 40.933537°N 75.073512°W / 40.933537; -75.073512 (Columbia Junction)
All abandoned
Constable Hook Junction LV Constable Hook Branch Bayone
40°39′38″N 74°07′01″W / 40.660461°N 74.116952°W / 40.660461; -74.116952 (Constable Hook Junction)
Cranford Junction SIRT, B&O, ME, CNJ, NJT North Shore Branch, Raritan Valley Line Cranford
40°39′24″N 74°17′35″W / 40.656746°N 74.293119°W / 40.656746; -74.293119 (Cranford Junction)
Croxton Junction ERIE, EL, CSAO, CSX, NS Erie Main Line, Northern Branch Jersey City
40°44′45″N 74°03′54″W / 40.745873°N 74.064881°W / 40.745873; -74.064881 (Croxton Junction)
Active for freight. Junction at southern end of NS Croxton Yard. Passenger service ended after Erie operations were shifted from Pavonia Terminal to Lackawanna Terminal.
Cutoff Junction DL&W Sussex Branch, Newton Branch Lafayette
41°03′34″N 74°43′40″W / 41.059349°N 74.727842°W / 41.059349; -74.727842 (Cutoff Junction)
[1] Abandoned
D&R Junction DLW, CNJ, NJT, ME Dover & Rockaway RR, NJT Dover
40°53′55″N 74°34′20″W / 40.898484°N 74.572155°W / 40.898484; -74.572155 (D&R Junction)
Active freight branch used by ME off of NJ Transit Morristown Line
Delair Junction C&A, WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL, NJT, CSAO C&A Mainline (NJT River Line/CSAO Bordentown Secondary), Morris Branch to Camden & Atlantic RR (NJT Atlantic City Line) Pennsauken
39°58′40″N 75°03′42″W / 39.977732°N 75.061638°W / 39.977732; -75.061638 (Delair Junction)
[2] Main lines exist, connecting Morris Branch abandoned to the north, new junction created to the south
East Haddonfield Junction WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL, NJT Camden & Atlantic RR (NJT Atlantic City Line), Philadelphia, Marlton and Medford Railroad Haddonfield
39°53′26″N 75°02′00″W / 39.890630°N 75.033215°W / 39.890630; -75.033215 (East Haddonfield Junction)
Medford branch abandoned
Eatontown Junction CNJ Southern Div. and Seashore Br. Longbranch Conn. Eatontown
40°17′54″N 74°04′07″W / 40.298255°N 74.068627°W / 40.298255; -74.068627 (Eatontown Junction)
Southern Div. operated by CSX, Seashore Br. Longbranch Conn. abandoned
Enterprise Junction
Ferromonte Junction CNJ, EL, DL&W High Bridge (CNJ) and Chester (DL&W) Branches Kenvil
40°53′05″N 74°37′06″W / 40.884686°N 74.618310°W / 40.884686; -74.618310 (Ferromonte Junction)
Ferromonte Junction is a railroad junction located in Kenvil, New Jersey. It was originally formed by the crossing at grade of the Central Railroad of New Jersey's High Bridge Branch (former Long Valley Railroad) with the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad's Chester Branch (former Chester Railroad) and the connection to the Ferromonte Railroad (a CNJ subsidiary). When the Chester Branch was abandoned east of the junction, a switch was cut in to connect the western portion to the High Bridge Branch, and both lines are now operated by the Morristown and Erie Railway
Fish House Junction C&A, WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL, NJT, CSAO C&A Mainline (NJT River Line/CSAO Bordentown Secondary), Camden & Atlantic RR (NJT Atlantic City Line) Pennsauken
39°58′33″N 75°03′54″W / 39.975889°N 75.064931°W / 39.975889; -75.064931 (Fish House Junction)
[2] Exists
Flemington Junction PRR Bel-Del Mainline, Flemington Branch Lambertville
40°22′31″N 74°56′58″W / 40.375157°N 74.949429°W / 40.375157; -74.949429 (Flemington Junction)
Bel-Del Mainline Abandoned, Black River and Western Railroad owns Flemington Branch
Flemington Junction LV LV Mainline, Flemington Branch Flemington
40°31′54″N 74°50′23″W / 40.531740°N 74.839629°W / 40.531740; -74.839629 (Flemington Junction)
Branch abandoned
Franklin Junction NYSW, LHR NYSW Zinc Mine branch, LHR Main Franklin, New Jersey
41°07′19″N 74°35′22″W / 41.121819°N 74.589460°W / 41.121819; -74.589460 (Franklin Junction)
NYSW Hanford Branch abandoned 1958, LHR acquired portion from Franklin Junction south to New Jersey Zinc Company and renamed "NJ Zinc Mine Branch", abandoned 1987. NYSW runs freight on LHR trackage currently through Franklin.
Gloucester Junction ACRR, RDG, P-RSL ACRR Main Line, Grenloch Branch Camden
39°54′11″N 75°07′06″W / 39.903108°N 75.118305°W / 39.903108; -75.118305 (Gloucester Junction)
Granton Junction NYC NYSW NYSW West Shore Railroad North Bergen
40°48′18″N 74°01′23″W / 40.805105°N 74.022920°W / 40.805105; -74.022920 (Granton Junction)
CSX River Subdivision
CSX Northern Branch
Great Island Junction CNJ, CSAO CNJ Mainline, Newark Branch/Chemical Coast Line Elizabeth
40°39′30″N 74°11′02″W / 40.658334°N 74.183750°W / 40.658334; -74.183750 (Great Island Junction)
Mainline east to Jersey City abandoned
Green Pond Junction CNJ, NYSW NYSW Mainline, High Bridge Branch (Wharton & Northern RR) Jefferson
41°02′16″N 74°26′02″W / 41.03785°N 74.433856°W / 41.03785; -74.433856 (Green Pond Junction)
Second connection after Charlotteburg Reservoir was created. CNJ abandoned 1971, NYSW active.
Hacklebarney Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch, Hacklebarney Branch Chester
40°47′17″N 74°43′16″W / 40.787918°N 74.721056°W / 40.787918; -74.721056 (Hacklebarney Junction)
All abandoned
Haddonfield Junction WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL, NJT, PATCO Camden & Atlantic RR, PATCO Speedline, NJT Atlantic City Line Haddonfield
39°54′15″N 75°02′31″W / 39.904068°N 75.041939°W / 39.904068; -75.041939 (Haddonfield Junction)
[2] Junction at Vernon Interlocking for Main Line to Broadway Station at Camden (now PATCO Speedline) and "Bridge trains" to Philadelphia via Delair Bridge (now NJT Atlantic City Line)
Hainesburg Junction NYSW, LNE Former connection of the two railroads to shared single track Hainesburg
40°56′35.94″N 75°3′51.54″W / 40.9433167°N 75.0643167°W / 40.9433167; -75.0643167 (Hainesburg Junction)
NYSW Main northeast of Hainesburg Jct. to East Stroudsburg, P.A. abandoned and removed 1941, LNE Main west of Hainesburg Jct. abandoned 1961, NYSW abandoned 1962, all trackage removed 1962. Both railroads used 18 miles of shared track from this point north (to Swartswood Junction). A freight interchange yard between the NYS&W and the LNE existed just south of this junction.
Hamburg Junction NYSW, LHR NYSW Hanford Branch, LHR Main Hamburg
41°08′25″N 74°34′36″W / 41.140156°N 74.576802°W / 41.140156; -74.576802 (Hamburg Junction)
NYSW Hanford Branch to north abandoned 1958. Track removed from Hamburg to Unionville, NY 1959. NYSW runs freight on LHR trackage currently through Hamburg.
Hampton Junction DL&W, CNJ Hampton Branch, CNJ mainline Hampton
40°42′36″N 74°57′04″W / 40.709912°N 74.951059°W / 40.709912; -74.951059 (Hampton Junction)
Hampton Branch abandoned 1958, trackage removed 1959, CNJ Main abandoned, tracks still in place
Harbor Branch Junction ACRR, RDG, P-RSL Cape May Branch, Harbor Branch Cape May
38°57′25″N 74°55′17″W / 38.956915°N 74.921449°W / 38.956915; -74.921449 (Harbor Branch Junction)
Harbor Branch abandoned
Hibernia Junction CNJ, DLW, ME High Bridge Branch (Hibernia Mine RR), DLW Rockaway Branch Rockaway
40°53′35″N 74°30′54″W / 40.893162°N 74.514965°W / 40.893162; -74.514965 (Hibernia Junction)
ME operates along CNJ; DLW Rockaway Branch abandoned
High Bridge Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch, CNJ Main High Bridge
40°40′11″N 74°53′59″W / 40.669814°N 74.899762°W / 40.669814; -74.899762 (High Bridge Junction)
High Bridge Br. abandoned 1976 by Conrail, trackage removed 1977. CNJ Main abandoned from High Bridge to Phillipsburg by NJT. Tracks still in place.
Hightstown Junction PRR Camden and Amboy Railroad, Pemberton and Hightstown Railroad East Windsor
40°15′41″N 74°32′27″W / 40.261390°N 74.540921°W / 40.261390; -74.540921 (Hightstown Junction)
Hopatcong Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch (Lake Hopatcong RR, Dover & Rockaway RR, Longwood Valley RR) Kenvil
40°53′48″N 74°36′01″W / 40.896801°N 74.600335°W / 40.896801; -74.600335 (Hopatcong Junction)
All abandoned
Hopping Junction
Hunter PRR, CNJ Raritan Valley Line, NEC, Conrail Lehigh Line Newark
Island Heights Junction PRR, RDG PRR Amboy Div., RDG branch Beachwood
39°56′21″N 74°11′31″W / 39.939059°N 74.192001°W / 39.939059; -74.192001 (Island Heights Junction)
Jamesburg Junction
Kearny Junction Amtrak, NJT Northeast Corridor, Morris & Essex Lines Kearny
40°44′38″N 74°07′29″W / 40.7438°N 74.1248°W / 40.7438; -74.1248 (Kearny Junction)
Kent Junction
Kingsland Junction DLW, EL, NJT Boonton Branch (NJT Main Line), Harrison Cut-Off Lyndhurst
40°47′38″N 74°06′26″W / 40.794017°N 74.107201°W / 40.794017; -74.107201 (Kingsland Junction)
Harrison Cut-Off abandoned.
Lake Junction DL&W Chester Branch Kenvil
40°54′18″N 74°36′04″W / 40.904892°N 74.601188°W / 40.904892; -74.601188 (Lake Junction)
The Chester branch begins at the Lake Junction interchange, where all incoming and outgoing cars are exchanged with Norfolk Southern. The line continues in a southwest direction, to Ferromonte Junction, the start of the High Bridge Branch, and continues southward for about a mile. The line is now operated by the Morristown and Erie Railway, which provides daily service.
Landsdown Junction LV Clinton Branch and Pittstown Branch Franklin
40°36′24″N 74°54′48″W / 40.606748°N 74.913405°W / 40.606748; -74.913405 (Landsdown Junction)
Both Branches are abandoned and now serve as rail trails maintained by the State of New Jersey.
Lehigh Junction
Linden Junction SIRT, B&O, ME, PRR, NJT North Shore Branch, Northeast Corridor Line Linden
40°38′28″N 74°14′22″W / 40.641231°N 74.239385°W / 40.641231; -74.239385 (Linden Junction)
SIR active freight line, NEC active passenger line, no current connection
Little Ferry Junction NYSW Edgewater Branch Ridgefield Park
40°50′32″N 74°01′41″W / 40.84228°N 74.02809°W / 40.84228; -74.02809 (Little Ferry Junction)
Exists, Edgewater Branch abandoned further east
Lodi Junction NYSW Lodi Industrial Spur Lodi
40°53′28.98″N 74°3′26.51″W / 40.8913833°N 74.0573639°W / 40.8913833; -74.0573639 (Lodi Junction)
Short industrial spur that used to serve a number of businesses along Gregg St in Lodi. Mostly used now for car storage. Now abandoned just before Garibaldi Ave, tracks removed south of this point and almost no trace of ROW remains. Used to cross Rt 46 and continue into center of Lodi through residential neighborhood where it served a number of chemical plants, which have long since burned down, exploded, or been demolished.
Macopin Lake Junction NYSW NYSW Mainline, Macopin Lake Branch Jefferson
41°02′18″N 74°25′45″W / 41.038246°N 74.429049°W / 41.038246; -74.429049 (Macopin Lake Junction)
Branch abandoned
Manunka Chunk Junction DL&W, PRR Lackawanna Old Road, Bel-Del Columbia
40°51′42″N 75°02′52″W / 40.861770°N 75.047834°W / 40.861770; -75.047834 (Manunka Chunk Junction)
All abandoned
Marion Junction PRR, ERIE, CSX, CSAO River Line, Passaic and Harsimus Line Jersey City
40°44′16″N 74°04′25″W / 40.737665°N 74.07372°W / 40.737665; -74.07372 (Marion Junction)
Exists, active for freight
Meadow Junction NY&GL, ERIE NY&GL Main, Erie Main Jersey City
40°44′56″N 74°04′07″W / 40.749027°N 74.068522°W / 40.749027; -74.068522 (Meadow Junction)
Junction no longer exists. Merger of Erie with DL&W rendered junction obsolete, as former Erie Mainline (now NJT Main Line) and NY&GL Line (was NJT Boonton Line) to Pavonia Terminal shifted on to DL&W M&E line to Hoboken Terminal. Merger of Montclair Branch with Boonton Line ended traffic through junction and creation of Secaucus Junction obliterated former Erie Mainline ROW.
Medford Junction WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL Philadelphia and Atlantic Line, Mount Holly and Medford Branch Mount Holly
39°59′19″N 74°47′59″W / 39.988654°N 74.799591°W / 39.988654; -74.799591 (Medford Junction)
All abandoned
Merchantville Junction PRR, NS, CSX, NJT PRR, Camden & Burlington County Railroad, NJT Atlantic City Line Pennsauken
39°57′21″N 75°02′21″W / 39.955790°N 75.039102°W / 39.955790; -75.039102 (Merchantville Junction)
[2] Exists, active for passenger service
Millham Junction PRR New York Line, Millham Branch Hamilton
40°14′12″N 74°43′51″W / 40.236683°N 74.730835°W / 40.236683; -74.730835 (Millham Junction)
Millstone Junction PRR PRR/NJ Transit/Amtrak Northeast Corridor, Millstone and New Brunswick Railroad New Brunswick
40°28′45″N 74°27′53″W / 40.479294°N 74.464852°W / 40.479294; -74.464852 (Millstone Junction)
Active for local freight service up to just west of Cylde Road in Somerset, abandoned further west of Cylde Road. Few remnants remain of the original line west of Cylde Road in Somerset to East Millstone, NJ. A nice pictorial account of the Millstone Branch is at this website.
Mohingson Junction NY&LB, CNJ CNJ Freehold Branch, NY&LB Main Aberdeen
40°24′54″N 74°13′21″W / 40.415014°N 74.222504°W / 40.415014; -74.222504 (Mohingson Junction)
CNJ line abandoned
Monmouth Junction PRR New York Line/Jamesburg Branch/Rocky Hill Branch South Brunswick
40°22′48″N 74°32′34″W / 40.380057°N 74.542685°W / 40.380057; -74.542685 (Monmouth Junction)
exists, Rocky Hill Branch is abandoned
Monmouth Park Junction NY&LB, NJT New York and Long Branch Railroad/North Jersey Coast Line, Monmouth Park Branch Oceanport
40°19′03″N 74°01′23″W / 40.317381°N 74.022975°W / 40.317381; -74.022975 (Monmouth Park Junction)
Branch no longer used, as a Monmouth Park station on the line was created
Morris Junction C&A, WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL, NJT, CSAO C&A Mainline (NJT River Line/CSAO Bordentown Secondary), Morris Branch to Camden & Atlantic RR (NJT Atlantic City Line) Pennsauken
39°59′06″N 75°03′09″W / 39.985062°N 75.052389°W / 39.985062; -75.052389 (Morris Junction)
[2] Main lines exist, connecting Morris Branch abandoned to the south, new junction created to the south
Morris and Essex Junction
Morris County Junction CNJ Lake Hopatcong RR and Wharton & Northern RR Wharton
40°54′16″N 74°36′33″W / 40.904461°N 74.609171°W / 40.904461; -74.609171 (Morris County Junction)
All abandoned
Mount Holly Junction C&A, PRR, NJT C&A Mainline (NJT River Line/CSAO Bordentown Secondary), Burlington and Mount Holly Railroad and Transportation Company Burlington
40°04′46″N 74°50′54″W / 40.079408°N 74.848267°W / 40.079408; -74.848267 (Mount Holly Junction)
[3] Mount Holly to Burlington abandoned
Mount Hope Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch (Dover & Rockaway RR, Mount Hope Mineral RR) Wharton
40°54′13″N 74°34′40″W / 40.903507°N 74.577915°W / 40.903507; -74.577915 (Mount Hope Junction)
All abandoned, along Wharton Rail Trail
Musconetcong Junction LV LV Mainline, Musconetcong Branch Bethlehem
40°38′27″N 75°06′23″W / 40.640721°N 75.106455°W / 40.640721; -75.106455 (Musconetcong Junction)
Branch abandoned
National Junction
Newark Junction
Newton Junction DL&W Sussex Branch, Newton Branch Newton
41°02′37″N 74°44′19″W / 41.043548°N 74.738730°W / 41.043548; -74.738730 (Newton Junction)
[3] Abandoned
New York and Greenwood Lake Junction
New Jersey and New York Junction
Oak Island Junction LV, CNJ, CSAO, CSX, NS LV Mainline (CSAO Lehigh Line), CNJ Newark Branch (CSAO Chemical Coast) Newark
40°42′42″N 74°08′47″W / 40.711726°N 74.146408°W / 40.711726; -74.146408 (Oak Island Junction)
Active for freight. Located at east end of Oak Island Yard.
Ocean City Junction RDG, ACRR, P-RSL Ocean City Branch Ocean View
39°14′45″N 74°42′56″W / 39.245956°N 74.71567°W / 39.245956; -74.71567 (Ocean City Junction)
Branch to Ocean City exists, Branch to Sea Isle does not
Oreland Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch (Wharton & Northern RR, Oreland Branch) Rockaway
40°58′19″N 74°30′21″W / 40.972010°N 74.505954°W / 40.972010; -74.505954 (Oreland Junction)
All abandoned
Pacific Avenue Junction
Pascack Junction (Hackensack Junction) EL, NJT Bergen County Line, Pascack Valley Line East Rutherford
40°48′58″N 74°05′42″W / 40.816095°N 74.094893°W / 40.816095; -74.094893 (Pascack Junction)
Passaic Junction and Passaic Branch Junction NYSW, EL, NJT, NS, M&E NYSW mainline, NJT Bergen County Line Saddle Brook
40°54′08″N 74°06′15″W / 40.902256°N 74.104303°W / 40.902256; -74.104303 (Passaic Junction)
Active junctions used for freight. Passaic Junction is a rail yard for NYSW. It includes a track that junctions with the New Jersey Transit Bergen County Line (to the northwest). To the southwest the yard, after the NYSW main line passes under the NJT trestle, the Passaic Branch junction connects to a branch line terminating in Garfield. NS and M&E connections are via the NJT junction.
Paterson Junction DLW, ERIE, EL, NJT DLW Boonton Branch (now NJT Main Line), ERIE Newark Branch Clifton
40°52′50″N 74°09′51″W / 40.880614°N 74.164078°W / 40.880614; -74.164078 (Paterson Junction)
DLW Boonton Branch originally headed northwest to Boonton. It crossed over Erie Newark Branch, which terminated at the Erie Main Line at Paterson Station. After the Passaic Plan went into effect in the 1960s, lines merged and continued north along the Erie line. Route 80 was built over the line to Boonton. Junction exists, but Newark Branch only sees occasional freight usage.
Pemberton Junction PRR PRR Amboy Div. Pemberton
39°58′32″N 74°41′58″W / 39.975458°N 74.699456°W / 39.975458; -74.699456 (Pemberton Junction)
Pennsauken Junction PRR, NS, CSX PRR, Camden & Burlington County Railroad Pennsauken
39°57′14″N 75°02′03″W / 39.954014°N 75.034062°W / 39.954014; -75.034062 (Pennsauken Junction)
[2] Exists, active for freight, abandoned to west
Perth Junction
Perth Amboy Junction PRR, NJT New York Line/Northeast Corridor Line, Perth Amboy Branch/North Jersey Coast Line Rahway
40°35′56″N 74°17′06″W / 40.598937°N 74.285078°W / 40.598937; -74.285078 (Perth Amboy Junction)
Phillipsburg Junction
PJ Junction
Pompton Junction NYSW,NY&GL/Erie NY&GL, later the Erie's Greenwood Lake Branch/NYSW main Pompton Lakes
41°00′12″N 74°18′00″W / 41.003435°N 74.300039°W / 41.003435; -74.300039 (Pompton Junction)
Now the junction between the NYSW main and its Pompton Industrial spur, which was the NY&GL main.
Port Morris Junction DL&W Phillipsburg Line /Lackawanna Cut-Off Roxbury
40°54′28″N 74°40′11″W / 40.90769°N 74.66968°W / 40.90769; -74.66968 (Port Morris Junction)
Tower exists, adjacent to Port Morris yard, Lackawanna Cut-Off tracks removed in 1984.
Port Reading Junction LV, RDG Former junction for the Reading Railroad Trenton Line and Lehigh Valley Railroad Main Line Manville
40°32′52″N 74°34′34″W / 40.547657°N 74.57624°W / 40.547657; -74.57624 (Port Reading Junction)
A major railroad junction used by Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern for freight operations into northeastern New Jersey from points south and west. There are a lot of train movements through this junction every day.
Princeton Junction PRR New York Line/Princeton Branch West Windsor
40°19′00″N 74°37′24″W / 40.3167°N 74.6233°W / 40.3167; -74.6233 (Princeton Junction)
Exists, Used by NJ Transit as shuttle to Princeton.
PRR Junction
Richland Junction CSAO,P-RSL,ACRR
Ridgewood Junction NJT, NS Main Line/Bergen County Line Glen Rock
40°58′14″N 74°07′34″W / 40.970548°N 74.126057°W / 40.970548; -74.126057 (Ridgewood Junction)
Still an active junction. Controlled remotely. Stone interlocking tower WJ still stands at this location, but is not active, used by maintenance of way crews.
Ringwood Junction NY&GL, ERIE NY&GL Main/Ringwood Branch(spur) Ringwood
41°6′19.74″N 74°16′22.43″W / 41.1054833°N 74.2728972°W / 41.1054833; -74.2728972 (Ringwood Junction)
All lines abandoned, no tracks, ROW still visible. Junction allowed the Ringwood branch to split off from the main and go several miles to the north to the Iron Mines (Peter's Mine/Cannon Mine) and Ringwood Station. Passenger service ended around 1939, service to mines ended after WWII, rails removed sometime in 1960s.
Riddleton Junction WJ&S, PRR, P-RSL Salem Railroad, Woodstown and Swedesboro Railroad Woodstown
39°35′40″N 75°21′10″W / 39.594392°N 75.352886°W / 39.594392; -75.352886 (Riddleton Junction)
All Abandoned
Roseville Junction DL&W, EL, NJT NJ Transit Morris and Essex Lines Newark
40°45′17″N 74°11′27″W / 40.754747°N 74.190944°W / 40.754747; -74.190944 (Roseville Junction)
Continues to be a junction on the NJ Transit Morris and Essex lines as the Montclair-Boonton line breaks off from the mainline in Newark.
Rutherford Junction ERIE, EL Erie Main Line/Bergen County Line Rutherford
40°50′12″N 74°06′16″W / 40.836719°N 74.104464°W / 40.836719; -74.104464 (Rutherford Junction)
Junction no longer exists. Junction was just north of Rutherford Station, and was controlled by a stone interlocking tower ("BJ"), which still stands at the site. The Main Line trackage diverted to the left, crossing the Passaic River into Passaic, where the rails went right up the center of Main Ave for about a mile with north and south bound auto traffic on either side of the rails. The Main Line continued through Paterson, and continued north until it met the Bergen County Line at its northern end at Ridgewood Jct ("WJ"). After the merger with the DL&W, the Erie Main Line was abandoned on west side of Passaic River and up through Passaic. The old Main Line tracks were used for a number of years after this time from the junction for about 1 mile west to serve two chemical companies that existed just east of where tracks used to cross the river (at Jackson Ave & W. Erie Ave, Rutherford). Today the old Main Line rails are still intact up to this intersection, along with dilapidated crossing gates and flashers. This track has not been used since the 1970s, is completely overgrown, and discussions are going on between Rutherford and NS to abandon it and turn it over to Rutherford for a bike/hike trail.
Sayreville Junction CSAO Raritan River Railroad, Sayreville Branch Sayreville
40°27′57″N 74°19′48″W / 40.465789°N 74.329950°W / 40.465789; -74.329950 (Sayreville Junction)
Branch abandoned
Sea Isle Junction PRR, WJ&SS, P-RSL Cape May Branch, Sea Isle Branch Ocean View
39°12′24″N 74°45′53″W / 39.206586°N 74.764631°W / 39.206586; -74.764631 (Sea Isle Junction)
Serviss Junction CSAO Raritan River Railroad, Serviss Branch East Brunswick
40°26′37″N 74°24′00″W / 40.443740°N 74.400005°W / 40.443740; -74.400005 (Serviss Junction)
Active for freight
Somerset Junction PRR Bel-Del Mainline, Mercer and Somerset Railway Ewing
40°16′39″N 74°51′13″W / 40.277602°N 74.853522°W / 40.277602; -74.853522 (Somerset Junction)
South Amboy Junction C&A, PAW, CNJ, CSAO, NJT Camden and Amboy Railroad, Perth Amboy and Woodbridge Railroad, New York and Long Branch Railroad South Amboy
40°29′23″N 74°17′3″W / 40.48972°N 74.28417°W / 40.48972; -74.28417 (Long Branch Junction)
Site of the abandoned Essay Tower
Sparta Junction LHR, NYSW Former crossover of two railroads Sparta
41°3′52.74″N 74°39′59.27″W / 41.0646500°N 74.6664639°W / 41.0646500; -74.6664639 (Sparta Junction)
NYSW tracks west of junction abandoned 1962 (Hainesburg Branch), was an interchange with LNE. NYSW tracks from the east have a permanent connection to former LHR tracks to the north. Was previously just a crossover junction between the two railroads. Original crossover junction gone. However, there still is a junction here to use trackage south of old crossover on old LHR right of way to Limecrest Quarry about a half mile south. LHR south of that point abandoned. Eastern Propane is also served at this location.
Spruce Street Junction
Staten Island Junction SIRT, B&O, ME, LV, CSAO North Shore Branch, Lehigh Line Cranford
40°39′18″N 74°17′09″W / 40.655036°N 74.285818°W / 40.655036; -74.285818 (Staten Island Junction)
Both active freight lines, no current connection
Sterling Junction LV
Summit Junction EL Former interchange with Rahway Valley Railroad Summit
40°42′53″N 74°21′06″W / 40.714754°N 74.351547°W / 40.714754; -74.351547 (Summit Junction)
Abandoned/rail removed, but the County of Union is working to restore service on the Rahway Valley Railroad and Summit Junction might be reactivated
Sussex Junction NYSW, LNE NYSW Middletown Branch, LNE Mainline Sussex
41°12′05″N 74°35′48″W / 41.201443°N 74.596535°W / 41.201443; -74.596535 (Sussex Junction)
All abandoned
Swartswood Junction NYSW, LNE Former connection of the two railroads to shared single track Newton
41°4′23.82″N 74°47′14.94″W / 41.0732833°N 74.7874833°W / 41.0732833; -74.7874833 (Swartswood Junction)
Abandoned/rails removed in 1962. Both railroads used 18 miles of shared track from this point south (to Hainesburg Junction). A telegraph office and operator was at this location to operate the hand switch and give train crews their movement orders. Its call was JU. Ruins of the building still exist.
Trenton Junction RDG Mainline, Trenton Branch Ewing
40°15′44″N 74°48′44″W / 40.262166°N 74.812143°W / 40.262166; -74.812143 (Trenton Junction)
Undercliff Junction NYS&W Mainline, Edgewater branch Little Ferry
40°50′30″N 74°01′42″W / 40.8417°N 74.028197°W / 40.8417; -74.028197 (Undercliff Junction)
Junction exists, but Edgewater branch dead ends at Bergen Hill tunnel
Vanatta Junction DLW DLW Chester Branch, Ferromonte Railroad Kenvil
40°52′43″N 74°37′18″W / 40.878684°N 74.621642°W / 40.878684; -74.621642 (Vanatta Junction)
Ferromonte Railroad abandoned
Warbasse Junction DLW, NYSW DLW Sussex Branch, NYSW main Lafayette
41°05′04″N 74°41′56″W / 41.084473°N 74.698967°W / 41.084473; -74.698967 (Warbasse Junction)
All lines now abandoned, NYSW former Mainline then Hainesburg Br. abandoned 1962, trackage removed 1962, DLW Sussex Branch abandoned 1966 by EL, trackage removed 1966
Washington Junction DL&W Morris and Essex Railroad, Warren Railroad Washington
40°45′29″N 74°58′05″W / 40.758074°N 74.968142°W / 40.758074; -74.968142 (Washington Junction)
former Warren Railroad abandoned, former M&E line active freight line
Waretown Junction (Barnegat Junction) CNJ, TRR Toms River and Barnegat RR, Tuckerton Railroad Waretown
39°46′43″N 74°12′37″W / 39.778543°N 74.210287°W / 39.778543; -74.210287 (Waretown Junction)
All abandoned
West End Junction DLW, ERIE, EL, NJT Main Line, Morris & Essex Lines Jersey City
40°44′27″N 74°03′55″W / 40.740951°N 74.065405°W / 40.740951; -74.065405 (West End Junction)
Active for passenger service
West End Junction NJS, NY&LB, CNJ CNJ Southern Div., NY&LB Main Long Branch
40°17′08″N 73°59′22″W / 40.285500°N 73.989444°W / 40.285500; -73.989444 (West End Junction)
CNJ Southern Div. abandoned (toward Sandy Hook). Passenger service active on NJT North Jersey Coast Line
West Newark Junction PRR PRR/NJT/Amtrak Northeast Corridor, New York Bay Railroad, West Newark Branch Newark
40°42′47″N 74°11′08″W / 40.712978°N 74.185593°W / 40.712978; -74.185593 (West Newark Junction)
West Newark Branch abandoned
Wharton & Northern Junction CNJ, NYSW NYSW Mainline, High Bridge Branch (Wharton & Northern RR) Jefferson
41°01′38″N 74°25′00″W / 41.027249°N 74.416690°W / 41.027249; -74.416690 (Wharton & Northern Junction)
Was original connection before Charlotteburg Reservoir was created. CNJ abandoned 1971, NYSW active.
Wharton Junction CNJ High Bridge Branch (Wharton & Northern RR, Morris County Connecting RR) Wharton
40°54′54″N 74°35′35″W / 40.914871°N 74.593059°W / 40.914871; -74.593059 (Wharton Junction)
All abandoned
Whiting Junction CNJ, PRR CNJ Southern Division, PRR Amboy Div., Tuckerton Railroad Whiting
39°57′06″N 74°22′46″W / 39.951645°N 74.379342°W / 39.951645; -74.379342 (Whiting Junction)
CNJ Southern Division active for freight
Wildwood Junction RDG, ACRR, P-RSL Cape May Branch/Wildwood Branch Rio Grande
39°01′50″N 74°51′56″W / 39.030420°N 74.865582°W / 39.030420; -74.865582 (Wildwood Junction)
Wildwood Branch is abandoned. Bridge at Grassy Sound has been removed.
Williamstown Junction W&DR,
Clementon Branch/Williamstown Branch Winslow
39°44′13″N 74°55′15″W / 39.737027°N 74.920806°W / 39.737027; -74.920806 (Williamstown Junction)
Williamstown Branch is abandoned. Williamstown Branch ran to Mullica Hill to the west and Atco to east, with earlier continuation to Atsion. Section between Glassboro and Williamstown currently serves as the Monroe Township Bikeway rail trail.[4]
Winslow Junction WJ&SS
CNJ Southern Div.
WJ&SS Main Line
ACRR Main Line/Cape May Branch
39°39′42″N 74°50′46″W / 39.661572°N 74.846117°W / 39.661572; -74.846117 (Winslow Junction)
exists, CNJ Southern Div. abandoned 1978 to the north, ACRR AC Line is abandoned to the east
Woodbine Junction (Mount Pleasant Junction) P-RSL
WJ&SS Millville Branch
ACRR Cape May Branch
39°13′49″N 74°47′44″W / 39.230198°N 74.795671°W / 39.230198; -74.795671 (Woodbine Junction)
WJ&S Millville Branch is abandoned
Woodbridge Junction (Long Branch Junction) CNJ, PRR, CSAO, NJT Chemical Coast Line, Perth Amboy Branch Perth Amboy
40°31′35″N 74°16′00″W / 40.526392°N 74.266723°W / 40.526392; -74.266723 (Woodbridge Junction)
exists, Perth Amboy Branch is abandoned to the south

Abbreviations used in the table:

Line names may not be official, but serve to identify the line.


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