Harry D'Amour

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Harry D'Amour
Harry D'Amour.jpg
Harry D'Amour, as he appears on cover art for Hellraiser #18 (September 2012)
First appearanceThe Last Illusion (1986)
Created byClive Barker
Portrayed byScott Bakula
OccupationPrivate detective

Harry D'Amour is a fictional character created by author, filmmaker, and artist Clive Barker.

D'Amour is an occult detective, a private investigator[1] who specializes in cases involving the occult. His body is marked heavily by tattoos that confer protection against evil: "Upon his instruction, Caz had attempted to commit to Harry's body every alarm system in his arsenal that was applicable to all forms of nonhuman life that Harry might encounter."[2]


His first appearance is in the short story "The Last Illusion" in Barker's Books of Blood Volume 6. He later appears briefly in the novel The Great and Secret Show, then again in a short story called "Lost Souls" (featured in an anthology called Cutting Edge). He returns as a major character in the novel Everville,[3] and appears alongside Pinhead in Barker's book The Scarlet Gospels.


Harry d'Amour plays a major role in the BOOM! Studios Hellraiser comic series (2011). After Pinhead escapes and places himself in opposition to Leviathan, he and Kirsty are trapped by Leviathan himself and Harry takes Pinhead's place as the leader of Hell's armies. His flayed chest reveals his still beating heart. In spite of his new powers, Harry still carries a gun, enabling him to battle several incursion attempts from other realms.


D'Amour was portrayed by actor Scott Bakula in the film Lord of Illusions [4] (which is loosely based on the short story "The Last Illusion").