Annieopsquotch Mountains

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Annieopsquotch Mountains
Highest point
Elevation687 m (2,254 ft)
EtymologyMi'kmaq for terrible rocks
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
Range coordinates48°21′N 57°30′W / 48.350°N 57.500°W / 48.350; -57.500Coordinates: 48°21′N 57°30′W / 48.350°N 57.500°W / 48.350; -57.500[1]
Parent rangeAppalachian Mountains

The Annieopsquotch Mountains (/ˌæniˈɒpskwɒ/ AN-ee-OP-skwotch)[2] are located in the southwestern interior of the Canadian island of Newfoundland, east of Bay St. George. Rising to a peak of 687 m (2,254 ft) above sea level, this range of hills runs in a north-eastward direction between Victoria Lake and Red Indian Lake. Its name is Mi'kmaq and literally translated means 'terrible rocks'.

Geologically the range is composed of Ordovician ocean floor rock which includes an ophiolite thrust onto the continent during the closure of the Iapetus Ocean. Silurian clastic sedimentary rocks unconformably overly the ophiolite and granite intruded the area during the Devonian. Faulting and tilting of the area continued through the Carboniferous.[3]


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